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PT Timah's 48th Anniversary Month of Service Presents in Matras Village, Sungailiat Subdistrict Head Says Residents Have Been Very Helped

BANGKA – The series of Month of Service activities to welcome PT Timah's 48th anniversary continues. This time it was held at the Bangka Citra Lestari Building, Matras Village, Sungailiat District, Bangka Regency, on Tuesday (09/07/2024).

The Month of Service is a routine agenda carried out by PT Timah to welcome the Company's Birthday which is held in the company's operational areas. Even welcoming its 48th anniversary, PT Timah held two Months of Service in Bangka Regency.

The series of Month of Service activities carried out by PT Timah include mass circumcisions, blood donations, and health checks. Each activity was welcomed enthusiastically by the community.

The Month of Service is a form of the company's commitment to continue to grow and develop together with the community.

General Manager of PT Timah Ryan Andri was also present at the Month of Service activities held in Matras Village. Ryan is grateful that the company is still able to continue to contribute to helping the community in its operational areas.

"We have also carried out this activity in several PT Timah operational areas, including Toboali, East Belitung, Mentok, and also Kundur. "This is the seventh point we are doing and is PT Timah's annual agenda," he said.

PT Timah collaborates with the Bangka Regency Government and PMI Bangka in carrying out the Month of Service activities.

"PT Timah will continue to be committed to carrying out social activities like this. "Hopefully this activity will be useful for the community," he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of Sungailiat Aswan Subdistrict appreciated PT Timah's contribution to the community. Moreover, this activity was carried out amidst the community's poor economic conditions.

"This activity is very helpful for the community, hopefully, this activity can continue to be carried out by PT Timah. "In order to make a positive contribution, both to the region and to the community in Bangka Belitung Province," he concluded. (*)