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PT Timah Vaccines Thousands of Employees and Families

Accelerating the vaccination process for the community in accordance with Government instructions, PT Timah Tbk continues to promote vaccination for employees and their families.

The Mutual Cooperation Vaccination Program (VGR) carried out by PT Timah is the company's commitment to break the chain of spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

PT Timah's Corporate Secretary Abdullah Umar Baswedan said that the company provides vaccinations for 6,130 employees and families of PT Timah Tbk which is targeted to be completed in the near future. Currently, the vaccination process is still ongoing.

To date, 2,143 employees have been vaccinated, either through the Mutual Cooperation Vaccination or vaccinations carried out in health facilities by the Government.

"The company is targeting vaccinations for employees and their families, subsidiaries, which will be carried out in two doses, the vaccination process is still ongoing and carried out in stages," Abdullah said in a statement in Jakarta, Thursday (8/7).