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PT Timah Tbk Presents Teaching Lead Program, Provides Scientific Writing Training for Teachers in Pemali District

BANGKA -- PT Timah implements the 'Teaching Tin' Program for the community in the company's operational areas. The Tin Teaching Program is a commitment of PT Timah Tbk to improve the quality of human resources, especially in the mining area.

The Tin Teaching Program initiated by PT Timah Tbk's CSR targets various groups, such as teachers, children in coastal areas, and the general public.

For the first time, the Teaching Lead Program is targeting teachers in Bangka Regency. In collaboration with the Sekawan Literacy Community and the Bangka Belitung Language Office, PT Timah Tbk organized the 'Improving Teacher Competency (SD, SMP, and SMA) activities in the operational area of ??PT Timah Tbk'. Through scientific writing training as a continuous professional development effort. This training was attended by teachers in Pemali District which was held at SMAN 1 Pemali, on 28-29 July and 6 August 2022.

This activity was attended by the Director of Human Resources of PT Timah Tbk, Yennita, Head of the Bangka Belitung Language Office Muhammad Irsan, Head of Branch Office of Education Region II Bangka Belitung, Hendri, Principal of SMAN 1 Pemali Eflina and the participants.

HR Director of PT Timah Tbk, Yennita on this occasion also became a speaker in this training. He delivered material about the role of PT Timah Tbk.

The chairman of the Sekawan Literacy Community, Kurniati said this activity was an effort to stimulate literacy in Bangka Regency. In addition, the participants who are teachers are expected to increase their insight and ability in literacy. So, later this insight can be transmitted to students in each school.

"We are grateful that PT Timah Tbk can facilitate this activity. So this can again provide an opportunity for teachers to improve their literacy skills and later produce works," she said.

She said that later the work of the participants would be recorded so that it could motivate the teachers. In addition, it is hoped that these teachers can promote this literacy spirit to their students.

"With this program, PT Timah Tbk has accommodated teachers to improve their abilities. Because teachers now in this independent curriculum have to teach children to be able to produce written works. So this is expected not only to increase the knowledge of teachers but also students," she said.

She hopes that this teaching and learning activity can continue and can be carried out in other districts and even to remote areas. Because he considered this program very good.

"This is a good program of Teaching Timah that will target the community around the mine, not only teachers but also the wider community. Hopefully this can continue," she said.

Similarly, the Head of the Babel Language Office, Muhammad Irsan, said that the Tin Teaching Program initiated by PT Timah Tbk is in line with the Language Office program to improve literacy in Bangka Belitung.

"This activity is related to the literacy program, because it is to increase the literacy level. As we know the literacy level in Bangka Belitung is still in the middle position. So it is necessary to synergize with various parties to increase this," she said.

She hopes that this program can be continued so that the benefits can continue to be felt by the community. Starting from Bangka Regency, he hopes it can spread to other regencies.

"PT Timah Tbk's education program personally at the office has benefited us, Mbak Dwi is an alumni of the PT Timah Tbk scholarship class program, and she is one of the mainstays who will later continue her master's scholarship at UI," she said.

Director of HR of PT Timah Tbk, Yennita said PT Timah Tbk continues to be committed to improving the quality of human resources around the mine. One of them is through educational programs.

PT Timah Tbk, she said, has an excellent program in the field of education, namely the PT Timah Tbk Scholarship Class Program at SMAN 1 Pemali.

PT Timah Tbk's initiative to contribute to quality improvement
Education and the quality of human resources will continue to be pursued in accordance with the agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals.

"Today's writing training is part of the Teaching Tin Program. In carrying out the Teaching Tin Program, PT Timah Tbk builds a multi-stakeholder productive partnership with relevant stakeholders," she said.

This writing training has many benefits, so that later it can improve the writing competence of teachers.

"What is being done today will not only provide benefits for the father/mother, but also for the children what the competency approach gets but will be passed on to the students," she said.

One of the participants, Ema Farindiani, a teacher at SMPN 3 Pemali, said that she was very happy to be able to participate in the training. In addition to improving their literacy and writing skills, their works will be recorded.

"It's nice and there is a real action, because later our work will be recorded, teachers have their work recorded, of course this will be a motivation in itself," she said.