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PT Timah Tbk is a Base to Scholarship Class Program for Personal Development and Improve Academic Ability

*Supporting Educational Facilities and Character Development

PANGKALPINANG – The PT Timah Scholarship class program at SMAN 1 Pemali has realized Arya Farhansyah Gulo's dream to be able to study at the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). Arya, who just graduated in 2022, was accepted at the Faculty of Earth Science and Technology.

The student who graduated from SMAN 1 Pemali who is also a recipient of this scholarship has successfully passed the SNMPTN selection. Arya said that since joining the PT Timah Tbk Scholarship Class program, he had aspired to enter ITB. His desire was even more passionate after getting various information from colleagues and alumni.

Arya said that being one of the recipients of the PT Timah Tbk scholarship class at SMAN Pemali is not just about getting an education. But also forge self-character, develop self-ability and also work together to support each other.

“After learning from alumni and colleagues, if you want to enter ITB, there are several ways, I target myself to be able to pass the SNMPTN at ITB. That's what I prepared from class X, I had to be able to maintain my report cards, and then I had to be able to excel. I am grateful that one of my dreams can come true,” said the student from West Bangka.

He said that what he achieved today could not be separated from the support from schools and dormitories, because they must be disciplined in learning. According to him, the PT Timah Tbk scholarship class program is very supportive to improve student achievement.

“In the dormitory we learn to compete in a healthy manner. Where we have a program to study from 8-10 at night, we have to study outside the room. Then we also have a team where class XII must be able to be a tutor for juniors and peers. The atmosphere is supportive for us to always improve," he said.

The atmospheric environment was encouragement from seniors and friends, which left an impression that Arya's experience with the things that left her in the dormitory was more for friends from other regions. The term is sometimes boarding schools, if in Pemali, all Babylon has representatives from Riau and Riau, and has many friends from other regions. There are many networks and relationships are getting wider.

He said that during his education through the PT Timah Tbk scholarship class program, he got many things, such as increasing relationships. The reason is students come from various regions in Babylon plus from Karimun.

In addition, they are also equipped with soft skills such as learning public speaking, improving English skills and other skills.

Similarly, Arifin Achmad Suanda, an alumni of the PT Timah Tbk scholarship class program at SMAN 1 Pemali, said that he learned a very memorable lesson when he was educated in the PT Timah Tbk scholarship class program.

He said that in 2015 the scholarship class program was still called the superior class, so that students who entered were students who excel and there were no requirements from economically disadvantaged families.

“At that time there were hundreds of applicants, we had to go through a series of tests. Thank God it passed. It turns out that there are many different things when entering school with the dormitory system, especially at that time, students were indeed high achievers. There, we meet many people with different mindsets, but we also have to compete competitively,” said a graduate of the College of Land Transportation (STTD).

According to him, what is interesting is that there are many opportunities to discuss, exchange knowledge and experiences, and are encouraged to develop themselves so that they can balance with others.

The man who now works at the Babylonian Transportation Service said that when they were in the dormitory they had to be disciplined, independent and had to adapt quickly. These characters are still attached to them to this day.

“In ordinary schools, we might only have discussions at school, but in the PT Timah Tbk scholarship class program, the kinship is strong, alumni continue to help each other, and there is a lot of information about schools and others. The point is very good for self-development," he said.

He hopes that this scholarship class program can continue so that more children who excel and who are economically disadvantaged can continue to develop their abilities so that later they become superior human resources.

"When you have entered the PT Timah Tbk scholarship class program, don't want to be mediocre, educational facilities and a supportive environment must be used properly for self-development," he said.