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PT Timah Tbk Help Relieve Medical Expenses for Toddler Leaking Heart

Aira Syahjani, a six-month-old toddler, a resident of Kemuja village, Mendo Barat sub-district, Bangka district, had to undergo surgery and intensive care. This is after the results of the doctor's diagnosis that the toddler had a heart leak.

Muhammad Jaid (24), the father of Aira's toddler, who works as the head of the RT as well as an honorary teacher at an elementary school in Kemuja village, said that her child was born prematurely, after one month the doctor diagnosed Aira as having a heart leak.

Aira's parents were confused about paying for their child's treatment. Apart from being constrained by costs, the hospital that can handle their child's illness is outside Bangka.

“Hospitals in Bangka still have limited equipment for surgery and treatment of patients with heart failure. So you have to be referred to a hospital in Jakarta. The operating costs are indeed borne by BPJS, but we can't afford other operational costs," said Aira's father

"At the age of two to four months, he showed symptoms in his heart, he likes to vomit, has shortness of breath, and his body and nails turn blue. But now, thank God, the vomiting has reduced, but he is still short of breath," he said

To ease the burden on Aira's family, PT Timah Tbk provided financial assistance to continue Aira's treatment, Tuesday (14/06/2022).

He was happy to receive assistance from PT Timah Tbk so that he and his wife could continue treatment for their child.

“Hopefully our daughter's treatment can run smoothly and Aira can live a normal life like other children. And hopefully, PT Timah will be given all the facilities so that it can help underprivileged people like us," he hoped.