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PT Timah Tbk Distributes Aid for Tornado Victims in Jeriji Village

SOUTH BANGKA - PT Timah Tbk handed over 60 basic food packages to victims of the tornado disaster in Jeriji Village, Toboali District, South Bangka Regency.

This assistance was received directly by the Head of Jeriji Iswandi Village, Thursday (30/03/2023).

"Thank God, aid after aid continues to flow from various parties, both the Regency Government and from companies such as PT Timah Tbk. And material equipment has also been distributed today," said Iswandi.

He considered that PT Timah Tbk responded quickly to the disaster that befell its residents.

"We think PT Timah has responded very quickly, because just by getting information from social media, PT Timah is very concerned about distributing aid to our residents. Anyway, PT Timah has been super active and cares about our community," said Iswandi.

As a result of the tornado that occurred on Tuesday at around 16.00 WIB, as many as 60 residents' houses were damaged. With the majority of damage to the roof of the house.

"Meanwhile, there were six houses that were classified as badly damaged, with all of the roofs completely perforated. One of them was even hit by a tree," he said.

According to him, this is the first time this disaster has befallen their villagers. So they were very surprised. He hopes that the process of repairing his residents' houses can be handled immediately.

"For the time being, some of the residents who were damaged are staying at the houses of their closest relatives. We are also very grateful, in this disaster there were no casualties, of course. With the weather conditions that are still classified as extreme, we hope that the handling in the field can be completed soon," he hoped.

Meanwhile, the Head of the South Bangka Regency Social Service, Sumidar, appreciated what PT Timah Tbk had done.

"Today we have coordinated with all stakeholders in South Bangka Regency. Various aids have been distributed to residents affected by the disaster. We thank you for all the participation that has provided assistance to deal with this disaster, "he said. (**)