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PT Timah Table Tennis Athletes Win Two Titles in the Bangka Belitung Open Table Tennis Championship Alfagry Rahman Cup

WEST BANGKA -- PT Timah Table Tennis Association (PTM) won two titles in the 2024 Bangka Belitung Algafry Rahman Cup Open Table Tennis Championship.

In the Men's Doubles Category, PT Timah Sauromadoni employees paired with Fahrul succeeded in lifting the first place trophy, and in the Men's Veterans category Sauromadoni won third place.

Sauromadoni's success in the event did not escape the support of PT Timah, this was conveyed by Sauromadoni when he succeeded in lifting two trophies at once.

The man who is often called Doni said he was proud to be able to represent PT Timah in this championship and achieve success.

"Thank God, the result of hard work so far, thanks to the support of PT Timah and the Team and friends, we succeeded in becoming 1st and 3rd place in the Central Bangka Regent's Championship for Bangka Belitung," said the employee on duty at the Processing and Smelting Division Laboratory.

Meanwhile, the Official PTM Team Timah Unmet PT Timah Edward said that they were grateful that one of the representatives was able to achieve success in this championship.

"We would like to thank the Sports Development Agency and SSni PT Timah for their support. Hopefully, this will be a spur for other athletes to excel," said Edward. (*)