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PT Timah Shares Chinese New Year Gifts, Ani is Happy and Didn't Expect to Get a Chinese New Year Gift

BANGKA -- During the 2024 Chinese New Year, PT Timah gave Chinese New Year gifts to the Chinese community in Bangka Regency, Bangka Belitung Islands Province.

PT Timah collaborated with the Bangka Bersatu Social Foundation (YSBB) to distribute Chinese New Year gifts in the form of food parcels for people celebrating Chinese New Year in Bangka Regency.

This Chinese New Year gift was given symbolically by PT Timah to the Field Coordinator of the United Bangka Social Foundation (YSBB) Rice, on Thursday (8/2/2024).

Chinese New Year gifts from MIND ID Mining Industry Holding Members will later be distributed directly by YSBB to the people who are entitled to receive them.

Rice said that this Chinese New Year gift from PT Timah meant a lot to them and the recipients because it can help people.

"This Chinese New Year gift from PT Timah means a lot to us, because this is the first moment that we and PT Timah can distribute Chinese New Year gift aid in the form of parcels to Chinese people. Because previously, PT Timah usually provided compensation which was very extraordinary," She said.

She said that later they would distribute the Chinese New Year gifts from PT Timah to several areas such as Rebo Village, Pramuka Street, Pemali, Deniang Village, Bedukang Hamlet, and Air Antu Hamlet.

"Later we will distribute it to several regions and give it to those who really need it. Hopefully, this Chinese New Year gift will be useful for them and be a blessing for the recipient," She said.

She hopes that PT Timah can continue to synergize with their foundation to carry out social activities that can help the community.

One of the recipients of PT Timah's Chinese New Year gift, Ani, a resident of Rebo Village, Bangka Regency, admitted that she did not expect to receive a Chinese New Year gift from PT Timah.

"Happy, happy, and very useful. I didn't expect there would be a gift from PT Timah during this Chinese New Year," She said.

She prays that PT Timah can continue so that next year it can return to sharing Chinese New Year gifts with the community.

"Hopefully PT Timah and all of them will be given health, good fortune, and long life. So that next year we can give out Chinese New Year gifts again," he said. (*)