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PT Timah is helping the goverment to accelerate the realization of livable houses

Livable home
The livable house program carried out by PT Timah Tbk is one way to help the government realize livable houses for people in need. The construction of a livable house this time is located in the company's operational area, Belinyu - Bangka Induk, Bangka Belitung Islands.

This program was appreciated by the Belinyu Urban Village Head, Mustopa. He appreciated PT Timah for showing real steps in helping the community through the livable housing program.

Mustopa said, recently PT Timah helped to create a livable house for its resident, Solihati, whose house is currently still under construction. Apart from that, another resident of Suharli will also receive assistance from PT Timah. "Allhamdullilah, our residents have received proper housing assistance from PT Timah, which is currently building Mrs Solihati's house, which will also be built Pak Suharli's house. We are grateful because with the program from PT Timah our residents can occupy a proper house," he said.

Mustopa continued that the houses of residents who received this assistance were almost collapsed. Therefore, he appreciated PT Timah for being swift and swift to immediately renovate the house. "We are grateful that PT Timah is responsive to this. So that our residents' houses can be helped," he said.

Mustopa explained that the construction of livable houses involved employees of PT Timah, the Bangka Marine Production Unit, who worked together with the surrounding community. This, of course, can increase solidarity and togetherness between residents and PT Timah. Mustopa hopes that PT Timah will remain consistent and committed to helping the community.