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PT Timah Help Repair Fishing Boat Moorings in Belo Laut Village

WEST BANGKA -- PT Timah Tbk helped repair fishing boat mooring facilities in Belo Laut Village, Muntok District, West Bangka Regency.

This assistance was handed over by the Head of the Secretariat of the Bangka Marine Production Unit (UPLB) Uku Dearytansah to the chairman of the fishing group Anugrah Suparman at the Anugrah Group Command Post, Hamlet VI Pait Jaya, Belo Laut village, Muntok district, West Bangka, Thursday (23/6/2022).

The head of the Fisherman's Group, Suparman, said that the mooring facilities for fishermen in their village are damaged due to age, and must be repaired immediately.

"The mooring facilities for fishing boats are now old, damaged and some have collapsed, due to bad weather some time ago. This assistance is very useful for fishermen, providing comfort and security for fishermen when leaning their boats at sea," he explained.

According to him, PT Timah quickly responded to the request for assistance from the fishermen. In the future, he hopes that PT Timah can continue to synergize with the fishing community in their village.

"Representing the Anugrah fishermen group, we thank PT Timah for the concern of PT Timah, which is quick to respond to the fishermen's wishes. Hopefully, PT Timah will continue to prosper and progress, and also continue to care about fishermen," he hoped.

Meanwhile, Abdullah, a local fisherman, hopes that with the help of PT Timah Tbk, the moorings of fishing boats can be repaired immediately.

"With this assistance, we hope that the boat moorings can be repaired soon, and fishermen will be safer and more comfortable when leaning their boats at sea," he said.

Separately, the village head of Belo Laut Ibnu expressed his appreciation to PT Timah Tbk for caring for the fishermen in their village.

"So far, PT Timah Tbk really cares about Belo Laut fishermen, this is evidenced by the assistance of fishing boat moorings. In addition, PT Timah has also provided fishing gear assistance, mangrove planting synergies, and others," said the Belo Laut village head.