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Providing Clean Water for Mapur Villagers, PT Timah Tbk Hands Over Two Sets of Drilling Wells

BANGKA -- Facilitating the community of Mapur Village, Bangka Regency to get clean water, PT Timah Tbk handed over two sets of drilled wells to the people of Kota Kapur Village, Wednesday (29/9/2021).

These two sets of drilled wells were placed in the Mi'Rojul Mukminin Mosque and near people's homes. The installation of drilled wells and their equipment is expected to help meet the water needs of the surrounding community.

One of the residents of Mapur Village, Ana, said that so far they have used the water under the ex-mine for MCK needs, because they do not have a clean water source.

“So far, we have pulled the hose to take water under the robin machine for bathing, washing and other needs. For cooking and drinking, we buy gallon water. After we got drilled water from PT Timah Tbk, we pulled the water from here, so we didn't take any more underground water," he said when met around the drilled well built by PT Timah Tbk, Wednesday (29/9/2021).

Ana said that the condition of the underground water they were using was not proper, but they had no choice. Moreover, during the rainy season the water changes color, so they do not dare to consume the water.

“If the drill water is clear, we have cooked it using drilled water, it can quite reduce expenses. If we usually pay for electricity to draw water ourselves, now we can jointly pay for electricity for drilled water, and the expenditure for buying cooking water will also decrease,” he said.

Likewise, the owner of the Mi'Rojul Mukminin Mosque Foundation, Suhartoyo, expressed his appreciation to PT Timah Tbk for helping to drill wells to make it easier for the congregation and the community.

"So far, the mosque draws water under about 200 meters. This can not only be used by the congregation of the mosque but later residents who need water can also open the faucet to get water from here," Suhartoyo said.

According to him, this assistance is really needed by the mosque, so that the congregation's need to perform ablution is not too difficult anymore.

"This assistance is very useful, because it is not only the mosque congregation who take advantage of it but also the surrounding community," he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of Mapur Village, Muhammad Kasiwan, appreciated the assistance from PT Timah for their residents. He said, drilled wells placed in people's homes will flow water to around 30 residents' homes.

"Thank you for the assistance from PT Timah Tbk in the form of these two drilled wells, the drilled wells are placed in the mosque and also near people's homes. This is very helpful, usually residents take water under the security side, this is a bit vulnerable because they have to cross," he said.
With the help of this drilled well, according to him, it can reduce the burden on residents to get clean water. He hopes that residents can maintain and care for this drilled well so that it can be used sustainably.

"It can be used by more than 30 families, some residents have made pipes to carry this water to their homes. Hopefully this synergy with PT Timah Tbk can continue, so that there will be other assistance for our residents," he concluded. (**)