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Protect Animals, PT Timah Together with Alobi Has 36 Animal Cages at PPS Air Jangkang

* Release the Six Tailed Animals BANGKA SELATAN - Commemorating National Primate Day which falls on January 30, PT Timah Tbk together with Animal Lovers Bangka Island (Alobi) Foundation, BKSDA, government agencies, communities, universities, Pokdarwis and the people of Gudang Village released six rare wild animals endemic to Bangka Belitung. a Conservation Forest in Bangka, Thursday (21/1/2021).

Six endangered species that have been released are four slow lorises or Nycticebus Bancanus and two Pandanus civets or Paradoxurus hermaprhoditus. The six released animals were handed over by the community who had previously been rehabilitated at the Alobi Foundation Animal Rescue Center (PPS) for about three months.

Chairman of the Alobi Foundation, Langka Sanie said that from 2014 to January 21, 2021, Alobi in collaboration with stakeholders had released around 7102 animals into their habitat. He said that since the last few years the Alobi Foundation has been supported by PT Timah to rehabilitate the animals in the Kampoeng Water Reclamation area of ??Jangkang.

Rangka said that currently there are 36 cages in Kampoeng Water Reclamation PPS in Jangkang which are currently rehabilitating 112 animals. "Since 2018 PT Timah has supported us, fully supports the Animal Rescue Center in Air Jangkang, we have been facilitated in almost all matters related to animal conservation, including today the release was also attended by representatives of PT Timah Tbk," said Langka.

At PPS Air Jangkang, said the rare animals that are rehabilitated are the result of hand over by the community, confiscation, animals in conflict with humans, and animals entrusted by the BKSDA. Rehabilitated animals are also not only endemic to Bangka Belitung but also from sharing areas in Indonesia such as bears. "We really appreciate the movement of PT Timah which is consistent in protecting biodiversity. We hope that we will consistently support wildlife conservation, "he hoped.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Bangka Resort, South Sumatra BKSDA, Septian Wiguna said that preserving animals is a shared responsibility because many animal habitats are eroded by human activities. "Preservation of these animals has many obstacles because their habitat is disturbed, but we are grateful that this is a lot of support, such as from PT Timah, the community, ALOBI, PLN and the community. This is important for us to protect our animals together, ”he said.

"We are optimistic that with the many supports such as BUMN, society and NGOs, this will be able to preserve and protect our animals," he concluded. (**)