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President Commissioner of PT Timah Tbk Becomes Chairman of the BABEL Contingent at PON XX

PANGKALPINANG – The Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) of the Bangka Belitung Islands Province continues to prepare for the departure of athletes who will compete in the XX PON event which will be held in Papua.

The chairman of KONI Babel, Elfandi said that his party had even appointed the chairman of the Bangka Belitung Islands Province Contingent, namely M. Alfan Baharudin. Alfan Baharudin is the President Commissioner of PT Timah Tbk.

He said that Alfan Baharudin was chosen to be the Chef de Mission (CdM) because he was considered to be able to carry out the mission to make the Babylon contingent a success. In addition, the implementation of PON this time is different from previous years.

“The head of the contingent, Mr. Alfan Baharudin, is a formidable figure and we believe he can carry out the mission to make the Babel contingent a success. Where the implementation of PON this time is full of challenges, such as security, good performance is required with limited conditions. We are trying to see the complete figure of Pak Alfan as a leader who usually carries out strategic missions,” said Elfandi.

In addition, according to him, Alfan Baharudin is also an athlete who has won a PON medal. This can provide motivation for athletes and of course this figure knows the strategy to win medals in this event.

“He is close to the world of athletes, he has been a parachuting athlete twice for PON and won a gold medal and is also a shooting athlete. Having a good leadership figure and even more so in living conditions like this in Papua," he said.

He believes that with the figure of Alfan Baharudin, the Babylonian contingent will be able to win as many medals as possible. So that later this will also motivate the athletes.

“I believe that with Pak Alfan's complete figure the mission of the Babylonian contingent to win three golds can be achieved. Usually the contingent leader is not an athlete, this is a former athlete of course this gives more points.

According to him, Alfan Baharudin himself immediately agreed to KONI Babel's request for him to carry out his duties as Chairman of the Babel Contingent. Where the main task as chairman of the contingent is to ensure that the mission of obtaining as many medals as possible can be achieved. In addition, this Babylonian contingent also has a mission to be able to rise in rank from 29 at least to be able to rise to rank 25.

“He welcomed this and was very enthusiastic to give the best for the Babylon contingent. Maybe one of his commitments as Komut of PT Timah Tbk is also to give his contribution to the people of Bangka Belitung," he said.

Elfandi said that his party had also explained the readiness of the Babel contingent to the head of the contingent.
He said that later the head of the contingent would be assisted by a CdM representative in each character according to the location of the match.

"We all hope that the contingent can perform well and give maximum results to make Babel proud, achieve the missions that have been set, namely gold medals and rank up," he concluded.

In addition to the President Commissioner of PT Timah Tbk being the chairman of the Babel contingent, the Finance Director of PT Timah Tbk, Wibisono and his team also came directly to this Cendrawasih Country to attend the opening of the XX PON and provide moral support to the Babel athletes who will compete in this once-four-yearly event.

Previously, PT Timah Tbk had also disbursed aid worth Rp. 1.4 billion to send Babylon athletes to Papua.

It doesn't stop there, PT Timah Tbk will also provide bonuses for Babel athletes who won medals in this sporting event. (**)