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Obsessed to Help the Family Economy, Andini can Finally Pass the PT Timah Tbk Scholarship Class Program

*Fasting as a Sign of Gratitude

WEST BANGKA -- Andini Purwati (15) is grateful to have passed the selection for the PT Timah Tbk Scholarship Class program at SMAN 1 Pemali which was announced on Tuesday (21/6/2022).

Not only Andini, but there are also seven other students from West Bangka who passed the PT Timah Tbk Scholarship Class program at SMAN 1 Pemali for the 2022/2023 Academic Year.

"Alhamdulillah, grateful, happy to be accepted at PT Timah's flagship school, as a form of gratitude, Dini will fast for one day," said this PGRI Kundi junior high school student.

Erwan Budiansah (34) and Rima (31)'s daughter admitted that the selection process was not easy. However, thanks to his efforts and prayers he was able to pass the selection.

"During the selection, at first it was a bit difficult, but keep trying, learning, finally the burden can be passed with mediocrity, more relaxed, and Alhamdulillah passed, and waiting for further notification," she explained.

She was motivated to take part in the PT Timah Tbk scholarship class program at SMAN 1 Pemali because she wanted to continue her education and be able to help the family's economy.

"I want to continue my education, but also want to help my parents. Because I often get sick, and the family's economy," she said

In line with Andini's parents, Rima (31) also continues to be grateful that her daughter can be accepted into the PT Timah Tbk scholarship class program.

"I am very grateful to the Almighty, my child was accepted. I am very happy, if not in this way, I don't know how to take the path of education for children, because we are an underprivileged family," explained Rima.

Meanwhile, Deputy Regent of West Bangka Bong Ming Ming appreciated the students from West Bangka being able to pass the scholarship class program from PT Timah Tbk.

"First, we from the West Bangka Regional Government are grateful that it means the quality of the children
in terms of education increased, exceeding other districts. Because to enter the PT Timah scholarship class program is not easy, you have to take a test and so on," said Bong Ming Ming.

In addition, he also applauds PT Timah Tbk who has consistently supported the education sector. He advised that students who graduate can take advantage of this opportunity to gain knowledge as well as possible.

"We are also grateful and proud of PT Timah who cares about education, what I understand is that PT Timah's flagship school is not arbitrary. For children, it is safe to go to a good place to study, as West Bangka hopes in the future," he hoped.

Student Motivation School

PGRI Principal Kundi Ibnu Hamid said Andini Purwati was one of the outstanding students at the school, the school supported her students to continue their education at the flagship school of PT Timah.

"Andini Purwati is a good student, from elementary to junior high her achievements stand out. That's why we help her participate in selecting PT Timah's flagship school. Because of an underprivileged family, she has the motivation to help her family. Congratulations to Andini and thank you to PT Timah," said Ibnu.

Similarly, the supervising teacher of SMPN 1 Jebus Muhammad Yuda Apriansah said his school provided motivation for his students to be able to continue their studies in the PT Timah Tbk scholarship class program at SMAN 1 Pemali.

"We have known for a long time that the PT Timah Tbk scholarship class program is of high quality. Every year we motivate students to register, even the alumni of SMP N 1 Jebus who are studying there also motivate their juniors. This year two students qualify for the program at PT Timah's flagship school," he said

Rian advised his students to be able to study well to make their parents, region, and the school proud.

"Thank you to PT Timah for providing quality education. Hopefully, it will continue to be victorious and be able to maintain excellent schools," he concluded.