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Mrs. Asnah Happy when Receives A Habitable House from PT Timah Tbk

*Still in Momentum for the 46th Anniversary of PT Timah Tbk

PANGKALPINANG -- "After the Maghrib prayer, it was raining and windy, my grandmother had prayed that the house would not collapse. Not long after the prayer, it seemed that everything had collapsed. We could only see," said Mrs. Asnah (78) with emotion when she received a livable house from PT Timah Tbk at her residence in Melintang Village, Pangkalpinang City, Thursday (4/8/2022).

The woman who is often called Asnah Datok looks happy looking at her new house which is painted white and blue, she is endlessly grateful that her collapsed house has been rebuilt.

The handover of a livable house is part of the 46th anniversary of PT Timah Tbk which fell on 2 August. The handover of the livable houses was also attended by the Director of Human Resources of PT Timah Tbk, Yennita, the Mayor of Pangkalpinang Maulan Aklil, the Head of the Department of the Pangkalpinang City Government, the Head of the CSR Division of PT Timah Tbk Ebbi Wibisana, the Village Head of Melintang and the surrounding community.

Asnah said that she had lived in the house for decades with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. In the past, he said that the house he lived in was rented, but after they had some sustenance they could buy the house and have it repaired. After tens of years, his house was never repaired again with the family's economic condition.

When it rains, he said, his house leaks, not to mention the wood that has started to crumble. No wonder the house can collapse quickly with just the blow of the wind.

"We saw the logs and roof tiles fall, we couldn't do anything else. I went straight to the RT's house saying that my house had collapsed. I am grateful that this kitchen house was repaired by the government so it didn't collapse," he said.

At that time, she kept praying that the house could be repaired again, because they did not have the money to repair it. Mrs. Asnah said that she was supported by her granddaughter who worked as a parking guard.

"Alhamdulillah happy is no longer happy, more than happy, gratitude is endless. Every prayer I pray that PT Timah Tbk will continue to move forward. I pray that all those who help us are blessed by the RT," she said.

In her old age, Mrs. Asnah no longer needs to worry about where to live, she already has a decent and comfortable house. She hopes that later her grandchildren and great-grandchildren will also be calmer.

"I'm not worried about the house collapsing again, Grandma, Alhamdulillah, it's good and comfortable. We'll move soon," she said.

The village head of Melintang, Imam Firdaus said that Grandma Asnah's family is a citizen who must be helped. Asnah is also a recipient of the Family Hope Program (PKH) and often receives assistance.

About two months ago, he received news from the head of RT 3 about the condition of Grandma Asnah's house which was about to collapse. Not long after, the house collapsed. For this reason, they took the initiative to submit a proposal to repair Grandma Asnah's house.

"Finally we asked PT Timah Tbk for assistance, Alhamdullillah PT Timah Tbk responded quickly within two days of the survey. Grandma was pensive because she was moved. Mrs. Asnah was a recipient of PKH. Grandmother Asnah lives with her granddaughter and great-grandson who has mental disorders," he explained.

Meanwhile, Pangkalpinang Mayor Maulan Aklil appreciated PT Timah Tbk for returning to help the people of Pangkalpinang. According to him, in improving the welfare of the community, support from various parties is needed, including PT Timah Tbk.

"I represent the people of Pangkalpinang City to say a thousand thanks to PT Timah Tbk for helping our community, which is really felt in the community. In the midst of budget deficit difficulties. We really need a third party to help us in helping people in need," he said.

He said the habitable housing program run by PT Timah Tbk was in line with the Pangkalpinang City Government program.

"The Pangkalpinang City Government also continues to eradicate uninhabitable houses for the community, we hope PT Timah can help us too. Hopefully PT Timah Tbk continues to prosper," he said.

Meanwhile, Director of Human Resources of PT Timah Tbk Yennita said the construction of habitable houses for the community is the company's effort to improve the welfare of the community.

This livable house program is also implemented in all of the company's operational areas, in 2022, PT Timah Tbk has built livable houses for people in South Bangka Regency and Central Bangka Regency, as well as Pangkalpinang City.

"This is a program that has been carried out by PT Timah Tbk and is carried out every year. This is PT Timah Tbk's commitment to help improve the welfare of the community," he said.