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Momentum of National Education Day, PT Timah Tbk Provides Tuition Fees for Dio Fikri

KARIMUN -- The education sector is one of PT Timah Tbk's priorities in improving the quality of Human Resources (HR), especially the community around the mine. Various educational programs such as scholarships, educational funding assistance, as well as programs to improve educational facilities and infrastructure.

Still coinciding with the momentum of National Education Day which fell on Monday (2/5/2022), PT Timah Tbk again gave up educational funding for students from Karimun Regency, Dio Fikri, who was currently studying in Pekanbaru, Riau.

This tuition assistance was received directly by Dio Fikri's parents, Zafrullah some time ago at the PT Timah Tbk Office of the Kundur Production Unit.

Zafrullah couldn't hold back his emotions when he received assistance from PT Timah Tbk. He told that his son is currently struggling to pay for his thesis and other things.

He is endlessly grateful after receiving assistance from PT Timah Tbk so that his son can continue his education.

"I am really happy and happy because with this help my child can continue his studies," said Zafrullah.

According to him, with the current economic conditions plus he is only a casual worker with uncertain income, a helping hand from PT Timah Tbk to help pay for his children's education is really needed.

"I hope that in the future my child will be successful. Once again I thank PT Timah Tbk for helping my child's education," he said.