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Looking at the former mines in Bangka that have been transformed into agro-tourism locations

BANGKA, - A number of ex-mining areas in the Bangka Belitung Islands are now transforming into living land developed in the concept of agro-tourism. One of them that is worth visiting is Kampoeng Reclamation in the Air Jangkang area, Bangka, Bangka Belitung Islands.

This destination which carries the theme back to nature (back to nature) is about 15 kilometers from the center of Pangkalpinang City. Also read: The Telkomsel Network in Sumatra Returns to Normal Post-Fire In this area, you can find various types of endemic animals and trees, vegetable gardens, fish farming, cattle breeding to horse farms. In fact, some spots are deliberately designed as iconic and Instagramable photo locations. For example, a sunflower garden spot and a wooden house over a fish pond.

"Not expecting, this used to be a former tin mine. Now everything has changed. Many plants, animals, and it feels more alive and natural," said Reni, a visitor from Jakarta to, Tuesday (11/8/2020).

The beautiful atmosphere with the often heard chirping of birds has indeed changed the portrait of the Air Jangkang area. Previously, this area seemed to be abandoned with a topography in the form of a sand dune that was excavated. However, currently the Air Jangkang area is like a teenage girl who is good at preening. The significant changes that have occurred in the area have been born from the commitment of the community, which is fully supported by mining issuer PT Timah Tbk.

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