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Kemplang Bielika Fish, Savory and Delicious

*Forster Partners of PT Timah Tbk

CENTRAL BANGKA -- Kurau Village, Central Bangka Regency is one of the fish producers in Central Bangka Regency. Realizing this fishery potential, Suhaimi, a resident of Kurau Village, processes marine fish into kemplang.

Kemplang fish is one of the typical foods of Bangka Belitung, it has a savory taste and is usually eaten as a snack or as a complementary food to the main menu.

Suhaimi and her parents have been producing fish kemplang with the brand Kemplang Ikan Bielika. Her business is also quite successful, she has marketed his products to various areas such as Batam, Jakarta and others.

"Here, when there is a lot of fish flooding, the price is cheap. Finally, it is processed into kemplang. If this kemplang lasts a long time, there are also many who are interested, especially if the fish tastes great," she said when she met some time ago in the Fisheries area of ??Kurau Village.

She said she sells fish kemplang that have been fried and those that are still raw. Depends on customer orders.

If it's fish season, Suhaimi says they can make up to a dozen kilograms of fish cakes.

"Kemplang fish is a long process, after it is made, it must be dried in the sun and it takes time to dry, after that it is just fried. That's why we sell some raw, some fried depending on the order," she said.

Suhaimi said that after becoming a foster partner of PT Timah Tbk, she could develop his business.

"After becoming a foster partner of PT Timah Tbk, I can buy a freezer for fish stock, buy the fish as well. It's the same as adding other equipment," she said.

She markets her products using social media, the WhatsApp messaging application, and also participates in exhibitions. To attract buyers, he provides several sizes.

"I sell using WhatsApp and the packaging varies from 2.5 ounces to one kilogram depending on people's orders. I am grateful that after becoming a foster partner, many are getting to know my products," she said.

She said the taste of kemplang they produce is different. The fish tasted but the texture was still tasty and fluffy, making their fish kemplang quite attractive.

"The taste is different, it expands when it's fried and the fish tastes good. If you want to try it, you can call the telephone number 088267156878," she said.