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Jumari Presents Raja Laut Seafood Restaurant, Becomes Culinary Tourism in Kundur

*Guided Partners of PT Timah Tbk

SAWANG -- Kundur Island has abundant potential, this is what makes Jumari set up a 'Seafood Laut Jaya' dining hut on the beach with typical Malay seafood in the Mukalimus Hamlet, Sawang Village.

At this restaurant, he sells a variety of legendary Malay specialties such as sour and spicy sauce, crab sauce, and various other types of food.

The man who is often called Igut has been in business for a long time, but he admits that he has not developed much at that time. The reason is, that he does not have much capital to be able to add facilities to his dining hut.

The various challenges they face, but do not make him and his wife, Yanti give up easily. They continue to run this business to the best of their ability.

They hope to develop began to be seen when they received information about the Micro Small Business Funding program (PUMK) from PT Timah Tbk. It is not difficult for them to fulfill the requirements so that they can finally get capital from this program.

"Initially we were constrained by capital because to develop this business we need capital. Finally, I applied for capital to PT Timah Tbk. It turned out to be not difficult, simple, the important thing is that we can complete the requirements," he said.

After becoming a partner of PT Timah Tbk, finally trying to grow he currently has more than three boarding houses. So that it can accommodate more visitors who come.