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Jagatnatha Surya Kencana Temple Experiences Problems with Clean Water, PT Timah Tbk Provides Assistance for Drilling Wells

PANGKALPINANG - PT Timah Tbk supports the provision of clean water facilities at the Jagatnatha Surya Kencana Temple house of worship. This house of worship, which is located on Jalan Tanjung Bunga, Sinar Bulan Village, Bukit Intan District, Pangkalpinang City, Bangka Belitung Islands Province, experienced problems related to the water supply.

As a house of worship, Jagatnatha Surya Kencana Temple requires a lot of water to support Hindu worship activities. Meanwhile, the current availability of clean water is not sufficient to meet the needs of the congregation.

"With our activities yesterday, all Hindus in Bangka Belitung gathered. So, this water is really an obstacle for us. "In fact, from the start of the activity to the end, we always buy water from outside every day," said the Chairman of the Bhakti Kerti Hindu Dharma Foundation, Anak Agung Gede Anom.

He said that there are already available wells but they are still not sufficient for water needs because the springs are very small.

Agung appreciated the assistance of drilled wells from PT Timah Tbk to meet water needs at the Jagatnatha Surya Kencana Temple. Because, with the various series of 'Ngenteg Linggih' activities that they carried out some time ago, the water became an obstacle for them.

"Apart from the assistance from this drilled well, we are also assisted with the Ngenteg Linggih ceremony activities, because this temple is the central point of concentration for Hindus in increasing, strengthening the people's belief and devotion to the Almighty Creator, as well as increasing the sense of brotherhood between people," he said.

"Apart from that, it is also a means of spiritual and social-religious education, through the implementation of sacred ceremonies or rituals that are full of sacred nuances. Once again we are very grateful for the assistance from PT Timah," he said.

He hopes that with the assistance of this drilled well from PT Timah Tbk, it can meet the clean water needs of Hindus who want to worship.

"Our hope is that with the help of this drilled well from PT Timah, we can meet the water needs when the community comes to worship. "So we no longer need to buy water," he said. (*)