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Hundreds of Turtle Eggs Hatch at PT Timah Tbk BIO Successfully Hatch

*Will Be Released Back To The Sea

BANGKA -- Turtle eggs or hatchlings hatched in the Bangka Island Outdoor (BIO) are finally hatched on Sunday (31/7/2022). The baby turtles come out of the nest after 54 days in the nest in the BIO Beach Area managed by PT Timah Tbk located in Deniang Village, Riau Silip District, Bangka Regency.

Previously, as many as 2,287 turtle eggs were made semi-natural nests for hatching turtle eggs confiscated by the Directorate of Water and Air Police (Ditpolairud) on Wednesday (8/6/2022).

The effort to build a semi-natural hatchery was carried out by the Alobi Foundation, the South Sumatra Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA), and PT Timah Tbk to preserve the turtles.

The chairman of the ALOBI Foundation, Langka Sani, said that his team together with the joint team of PT Timah Tbk, BKSDA Sumsel Babel, and the ALOBI Foundation routinely monitor and inspect turtle nests to avoid predators.

Rare said, on Sunday (31/7/2022) night, he received news from the PT Timah Tbk team that it was known that several nests were made from turtle hatchlings.

"We immediately went to BIO after receiving the news that at around 22.00 WIB there were already 21 baby turtles that had come out of the nest. After checking into other nests, it was also found that a total of 305 turtles hatched. perfect," said Rare, Monday (1/8/2022).

The number of turtle eggs that hatch is predicted to increase, considering that not all of the nests have come out of the hatchlings. For this reason, his party together with a joint team will continue to monitor.

"The eggs that hatch are only 15 percent of the total eggs that we put into the nest. This number is quite good, because if the information from the perpetrators of the turtle eggs has been collected for three days. Not to mention the translocation process with a fairly long distance also has an impact on the turtle eggs "Even though it's only 15 percent, this is an extraordinary success because the turtle eggs can still hatch," explained Langka.

According to Langka, the hatching of turtle eggs shows that BIO Beach is indeed suitable as a place for hatching turtle eggs. In addition, the routine supervision carried out by PT Timah Tbk makes the turtle eggs safe from other predators.

"The BIO beach area is suitable as a natural hatchery for these turtle eggs. Because turtles were often found in this area before," he said.

For the time being, the baby turtles are placed in Fiber that is filled with beach water before being released back into the sea. The plan is for the hatchlings to be released to Ketawai Island, Central Bangka, on Tuesday (2/8/2022).

"ALOBI appreciates all the steps taken by the parties involved in the initial process, Pol Airud Polda Babel, PT Timah Tbk, and BKSDA Sumsel Babel. Turtles have protected animals because they have very important functions in the world," he said.

Rare appeals to the entire community to work together not to consume turtle eggs. Because this turtle is a protected animal.

"Stop consuming turtle eggs, because turtles are protected animals worldwide. Turtles have a function to maintain the balance of a healthy marine ecosystem," said Rare.

Are hopes that Bangka Belitung will have a marine life rescue center because there are many cases of sea turtles, dolphins, and dugongs being stranded. So, if a case like this is found again, Babylon will have a place to save it.

"This is what we have discussed, we plan together with PT Timah Tbk to create a Marine BIO Conservation Center because in Babel there are many cases of abandoned dugongs, dolphins, and turtles. With a special place we can work together in saving marine life protected," he said. (**)