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Hard work and assistance from PT Timah's PUMK program, Naderan was able to develop a chicken farming business

TANJUNG BATU -- Armed with experience and knowledge about broiler farming when he was a worker, now Naderan (36), a resident of Lubuk Village, Kundur District, Karimun Regency is able to open his own chicken farming business.

With the support of the Micro Small Business Funding (PUMK) program, PT Timah Naderan has successfully run a broiler farming business.

Naderan's business started on a small scale, initially, he could only fulfill the need for chicken meat for the community around where he lived.

He said that he initially opened this broiler farming business so he could stay close to his family. This determination became stronger so Naderan continued to run his business.

His hard work and tenacity made his business increasingly known to the public and customers continued to come.

"With a little capital, the business was finally able to run. As time went by, the business began to become known to the public, so to develop the business, quite a bit of capital was needed," he said when met.

Naderan said that he had made various efforts to find information to increase business capital. However, nothing has met his wishes, so his efforts to develop his chicken farming business have stalled.

"Until PT Timah conducted outreach regarding the PUMK program, I felt interested and interested in the program offered by the company. After knowing clearly and in detail and with approval from my family, I finally had the courage to apply for the capital loan," he said.

According to Naderan, PT Timah's PUMK program is very helpful and supports MSMEs like himself. Apart from easy and concise requirements, there are other reliefs such as no deductions, and the capital obtained can be used optimally for business capital.

"There is a three-month delay when the funds are disbursed so that the capital injection can be used to develop the business we are running. There are no administrative deductions, the disbursement process and installment payments are through a bank transfer system so it is safe and transparent," he explained.

Currently, he already has a marketing network and regular customers. So it is not difficult for him to market broiler chickens.

"Especially during big holidays, people's consumption usually increases, indirectly I also have to be able to provide more chicken meat," he said.

With the help of capital funds from PT Timah, he currently has three chicken coops, each of which contains around 1000 chickens.

"Before receiving PUMK assistance from PT Timah, he only had one cage with a capacity of 700 birds. So PT Timah's PUMK program really helped my business," he explained.

With capital assistance from PT Timah, apart from growing his business, he is able to create jobs for the community around where he lives, so that the community's economy is also helped. (*)