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Empowering Women's Groups, PT Timah Tbk Provides Ecoprint Training for Women

BANGKA - Community Empowerment Program conducted by PT Timah Tbk targets women's groups. The form of empowerment carried out is by providing training for women's groups.

Recently PT Timah Tbk held an ecoprint training for a group of women who are members of the Regional Representative Council of the Indonesian Creative Hero Association Bangka Belitung (DPD Persikindo Babel) and also a women's group in Air Abik Hamlet, Gunung Muda Village, Bangka Regency.

Through this ecoprint training, it is hoped that it can improve the ability of women, especially since ecoprint craft is currently booming and has a quite promising market share.

In addition, the ecoprint creative industry is also known as an environmentally friendly industry because it utilizes biodiversity.

With the skills possessed by these women, it is hoped that they can improve the family's economy. In addition, women also have expertise.

One of the participants in the ecoprint training held by PT Timah Tbk in Air Abik Hamlet, Surya (42) looked amazed to see the results of the crafts he made.

This can be seen when he opens the steamed product, which is one of the final processes of making ecoprints. He was very amazed and proud of the fabric motifs that he created.

"At first, I was hesitant when I attended the training, and when I did it I found it a bit difficult, but after seeing the results, I was very happy and proud of the results I created," said Surya.

In addition, Surya and the women who attended the training still wanted to try making this craft at home, because apart from the materials used, they were easy to find and of course available in the natural environment.

“Alhamdullilah, with this activity, we have come to know how the process of making ecoprints is. After this training, I still want to try it at home and hopefully I can and the plan is to make clothes and hijabs from this ecoprint craft," he said.

"Thank you to PT Timah Tbk and the instructors who have guided us and provided this training to us," continued Surya.

Similarly, the Chairman of the DPD Persikindo Babel Hj. Isnawati Hadi said that in Bangka Belitung the souvenir products are still lacking in variety. So it is necessary to carry out various types of training in order to increase knowledge for MSME actors in creating a product.

"Babel is still very minimal in the diversity of types of souvenirs, so we really need to provide various kinds of training to our MSME actors in Babylon, besides that creativity is also needed from each product," said Isnawati quoted from previous reports during the training. ecoprint in mid-May.

"This knowledge is also very good for supporting tourism in Bangka Belitung, because with this ecoprint technique we can make various types of souvenirs," he continued.

For this reason, his party appreciates PT Timah Tbk's CSR which has supported and facilitated this training. Because this training is very useful for business actors.

“We are also very grateful to CSR PT Timah Tbk, for supporting this training. I really salute PT Timah Tbk's CSR team," said the chairman of the DPD Persikindo.*