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Empowering Women's Groups in West Bangka, PT Timah Trains Three Women's Groups to Process Agricultural Products

WEST BANGKA -- The Community Empowerment Program implemented by PT Timah Tbk targets women's groups in West Bangka Regency. This time the empowerment program was carried out by providing training on crop processing.

The three groups of women who received this training were the Women Farmers in Kampung Tanjung, the Friendly Self-Help Group in Air Limau Village, and IIKT. The training was held at the Metallurgical Learning Center, Thursday (22/9/2022).

This training is one of the company's efforts to improve the skills of women's groups in processing crops. Because many of their husbands work as farmers.

With this training, it is hoped that women's groups can process agricultural products so that they can increase family income.

Wati, the head of the Air Limau Village Self-Help Group, said that the training provided by PT Timah could increase their knowledge and be useful. This knowledge will be applied in her village.

"Through activities like this, we gain very useful knowledge which will later be applied in our village. Thank you to PT Timah for providing this training. Hopefully the harvest from our village will provide more economic value for the family," she said.

Similarly, the Chairperson of the Women Farmers Group in Tanjung Yusdarniati (63) said that in this activity, she and the group gained new knowledge and experience regarding the use of harvested crops.

"This is knowledge, things that we just got. So far we only know with ordinary things that have been commonly carried out. This program is very good, we get useful knowledge in processing crops. Hopefully this can increase the family's economy, " she said.

Yusdarniati appreciates PT Timah for conducting community empowerment programs

"Of course we are happy with the program initiated by PT Timah. We are empowered, given useful knowledge. Thank you and appreciation for PT Timah, it is increasingly advanced and successful," she hoped.

Meanwhile, the Nining training material provider said that the participants were enthusiastic about participating in the activity.

"Women are very enthusiastic about participating in the harvest processing training. Hopefully what I provide can be applied to the group or family, and will be useful in the future," said the MSME practitioner.