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East Belitung Transportation Service Collaborates with PT Timah Tbk to Celebrate the Peak of National Transportation Day

EAST BELITUNG - PT Timah Tbk supports a series of commemorations of National Transportation Day (harhubnas) 2023 in the East Belitung Regency.

The Beltim Regency Transportation Service is collaborating with PT Timah Tbk, to make the national transportation program a success, including leisure walks and other activities starting from 12-26 September 2023.

"So the series are many and varied, a leisurely walk is included in one of the activities at the peak of the transportation anniversary event because we want to involve and participate the general public as a medium for socializing transportation safety," said the Head of Transportation Department Beltim Amirudin.

According to him, the community was very enthusiastic about taking part in the fun walk, because the coupons provided by the committee were sold out by the participants.

It is estimated that around 1700 people will take part, while there will be 2000 coupons provided.

"Very enthusiastic, both from local government elements and the general public," he explained.

Amirudin really appreciates the support of PT Timah Tbk which has helped make the 2023 Harhubnas commemoration in Beltim a success.

"On behalf of the committee, we really appreciate the support of PT Timah Tbk which is willing to help in the smooth running of this activity," he said.

He hopes that PT Timah Tbk will support their activities because PT Timah Tbk is a company that always cares and is sensitive to events in Beltim.

"The presence of PT Timah Tbk in Beltim in particular has contributed to various activities that are violated by the government and society," he said.

Then, in commemorating National Transportation Day 2023, Amirudin added, in accordance with the Beltim Regional Government's vision and mission, one of which is the availability of adequate transportation facilities and infrastructure, whether land transportation in the form of public transportation or school buses.

Apart from that, river and crossing transportation is in the form of Roro boats and sea boats which are one of the inter-island transportation in Beltim as well as inter-island connectivity in Indonesia, namely Java, Kalimantan, Sumatra, Riau Islands, and others.

He hopes that in the future the port in East Belitung can operate optimally so that it can support connectivity between regions. (*)