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Directors, Heads Unit and Head of Division attend a Executive Leadership Workshop

Leadership Workshop

The board of directors, unit heads and divisional heads within PT Timah and its subsidiaries participated in an Executive Leadership Workshop on 1st September 2020 at the Graha Timah. The activities in collaboration with safety consultants DuPoint Sustainable Solutions are related to the implementation of the K3 (Safety) Culture in the PT Timah Group environment.

The workshop was also held virtually and was attended by a number of heads of fields in a number of operational areas, including the Unit of Land Mining Bangka, the Unit of Bangka Sea Mining, the Unit of Land Mining Belitung, the Unit Production Riau Islands and the Unit of Metallurgy.

Executive Leadership Workshop is one of part of Safety Performance and Culture Transformation "creating the TINS Way" in the framework of "Repairing" the K3 Culture.

This activity aims to understand governance structures individually that focused on improving safety and establish a central safety committee and sub-committees.*