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Commemorating the 3rd Anniversary of Kranggan Village, PT Timah Gives Rice to Donors

WEST BANGKA -- PT Timah Tbk participated in Social Service activities commemorating the 3rd Anniversary of Kranggan Village. In this activity, PT Timah provided rice assistance to blood donors.

The primary food assistance was handed over by the Setiawan CSR Team, which was received by the Kranggan Village Head, Kerryna Meitheysya, and was then distributed to the donors.

Kranggan Urban Village Head Kerynna Meitheysya said PT Timah's assistance would be distributed to residents who participated in blood donors.

"We appreciate and are very grateful for the rice assistance which will be distributed to participants who are participating in blood donors in social services at the Color Run Food Culinary Festival commemorating the 3rd anniversary of Keranggan Village," said Kerryna, Saturday (11/19/2022)

According to him, PT Timah often helps its citizens in various fields such as social assistance and others.

"This is not the first time PT Timah has helped the Kranggan sub-district. It has been very often, hopefully, in the future there will always be synergy," he said.

Meanwhile, Afriynto, one of the donors from Kampung Baru Kranggan, admitted that he wanted to help others, so he participated in the blood donation activity.

"I am very happy to be able to help others. Hopefully what I give can be of use to those who need blood," he said.

In the same vein, Yulia was a donor who said she wanted to share so that she would participate in donating blood.

"Our intention is purely to help those who need blood, as well as to celebrate the anniversary of the Kranggan Village. We thank PT Timah for their assistance," he said.