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Commemorating 46th Anniversary, PT Timah Tbk Holds Town Hall Meetings to Traditional Games

PANGKALPINANG -- Four More Decades As a tin mining company that represents the state, PT Timah Tbk today turns 46 years old on Tuesday (2/8/2022).

Commemorating the 46th Anniversary of PT Timah Tbk held a Town Hall Meeting centered on the Kundur Production Unit and attended by all operational areas and subsidiaries on a hybrid basis, Tuesday (2/8/2022). The 46th anniversary of PT Timah Tbk was also attended by the board of directors and commissioners spread across several operational areas of the company.

President Director of PT Timah Tbk, Achmad Ardianto, and Commissioner Sufyan Sarif is in the Kundur Production Unit. Meanwhile, HR Director of PT Timah Tbk Yennita attended the Town Hall Meeting of the Bangka Marine Production Unit, Purwoko's Director of Operations and Production, and President Commissioner Alfan Baharudin and Commissioner Danny Praditya were in the Belitung Production Unit. In the Muntok Metallurgy unit, the 46th Anniversary celebration was also attended by the Director of Finance, Fina Eliani, and the Director of Business Development, Alwin Albar with Commissioner Agus Rinjani Panjaitan at Graha Timah Pangkalpinang.

The momentum of the 46th Anniversary of PT Timah Tbk, it carries the theme 'Grow, Firm, Resilient' which is adopted from the AKHLAK values, namely Amanah, Adaptive and Collaborative.

As an expression of gratitude, in celebration of the 46th anniversary, a joint tumpeng was also cut in each operational area.

President Director of PT Timah Tbk, Achmad Ardianto, on the momentum of the 46th Anniversary of PT Timah Tbk, invites Insan Timah to remember the company's vision.

"This is a sacred moment for all of us, our company is 46 years old, let's make this day to achieve our vision and improve the existence of the company we love so that in facing challenges we will continue to Grow Strong and Resilient as this year's theme," he said.

Achmad Ardianto said the company's vision and mission should ideally be a spur for a better company. He invites Insan Timah to focus on carrying out the vision.

"I'm sure we all have a long involvement, however, to this day we haven't achieved this vision, it's simple but deep in meaning. To achieve our vision, we already have a mission," he said.

He also reminded PT Timah Tbk's mission that is to build strong and dignified human resources, the company will carry out Good Mining Practices, and maximize the company's value in this case the shareholders and the environment.

"Let us continue to maintain our presence in the social environment and help companies to carry out their social responsibilities," he said.

He also invites employees to increase productivity to achieve company goals and PT Timah Tbk can continue to maintain the trust of shareholders.

"We as Tin People have core values ??of AKHLAK so that we can implement these values ??in order to get maximum results," he said.

Not only was the Town Hall Meeting for the 46th Anniversary of PT Timah Tbk, but several activities were also enlivened in each operational area. For example, the Muntok Metallurgical Unit held traditional game competitions such as tug of war, clogs, and others.

Meanwhile, at the Bangka Marine Production Unit, Yennita held a sharing session with the HR Director of PT Timah Tbk.

At the Pangkalpinang Headquarters, awards were also held for Insan Timah who won the TINS Hackathon 2021. (**)