PT TIMAH Tbk continuosly supports the community in every aspect of life.


Collaborating with PWI West Bangka, PT Timah Tbk Delivers Social Innovation to Students in West Bangka

WEST BANGKA -- PT Timah Tbk participates in supporting educational programs in the company's operational areas. Collaborating with various parties, PT Timah Tbk implements a number of educational programs to improve the quality of human resources.

This time, PT Timah Tbk collaborated with the West Bangka Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI) to implement the PWI Parading program at SMAN Negeri Simpang Teritip, West Bangka Regency, Tuesday (26/9/2023).

A total of 50 students from two high schools in West Bangka took part in the activity. In this activity, PT Timah Tbk socializes about Social Innovation carried out by PT Timah Tbk.

Social innovation is one of PT Timah Tbk's commitments to empower communities around the mine which can have an economic impact on the community.

Chairman of PWI West Bangka Husni said that the PWI Mengajar program was a collaboration between PT Timah Tbk, PWI West Bangka and the West Bangka Region IV Regional Headquarters as a form of support for the progress of Bangka Belitung education.

"PWI and PT Timah certainly want to contribute to the advancement of education in Bangka Belitung. One way is by sharing journalistic knowledge so that later students will know about the journalist profession," he said.

Furthermore, Husni said that literacy is very important for students, considering that currently, online media is increasingly mushrooming so that students can understand the journalistic work process.

Principal of SMAN 1 Simpang Teritip Agus Risnan Jaya said that his party appreciates the PWI Mengajar program which is supported by PT Timah and the Bangka Belitung provincial education office

"What PT Timah and PWI have done in PWI Teaching activities is very positive for female students. Hopefully, this program will continue. PT Timah Tbk itself has always supported SMA 1 Simpang Teritip, both in education and physical development," he said.

In line with the Head of Regional IV, H Sudarni, he appreciated this program, because it is a positive step to support the education process.

"We hope that this program can continue if this year there are 50 students participating, hopefully, next year it will increase," he hoped. (*)