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Collaborating with Koramil 03 Kundur, PT Timah Tbk Plants Mangroves Again in Kundur

KUNDUR -- PT Timah Tbk is planting mangroves again in the Kundur area, Karimun Regency. This time, mangrove planting was carried out at Timun Beach, Kundur Village, West Kundur District, Karimun Regency, on Wednesday 6 December 2023.

In planting these mangroves, members of the mining industry holding MIND ID collaborated with Koramil 03 Kundur.

Danramil 03 Kundur, First Lieutenant Czi Budiarto Sianturi, said that the mangrove planting was an effort to prevent abrasion. The reason is that entering the rainy season is also accompanied by high tides which cause abrasion.

"By planting mangroves here, we hope that in the future the mangrove seeds we plant can grow and develop well so that they can reduce the impact of abrasion," he said.

He also appreciated the synergy and collaboration of PT Timah Tbk which has been involved in planting mangroves. Apart from preventing abrasion, mangroves also have other benefits such as protecting coastal ecosystems.

"Thank you to PT Timah for supporting Koramil 03 Kundur's mangrove planting activities on Timun beach. Hopefully, this collaborative activity can provide benefits to the community around Timun Beach," he said.

Meanwhile, the Village Head, Kundur Marhalim, said that his party was enthusiastic about welcoming this mangrove planting activity so that it could prevent abrasion in this area.

"We really support the activities carried out by PT Timah in collaboration with Koramil and the community, hopefully, this collaboration can help prevent abrasion," he hoped.

Meanwhile, the Head of West Kundur District, Yusufian, appreciated PT Timah Tbk for consistently planting mangroves around the coast in West Kundur District.

"Because as we know, mangroves have many benefits for the environment and also for the community, especially fishermen," he said.

He invited the community to share responsibility for protecting and caring for mangroves. So that later these mangroves can grow abundantly and the benefits can be felt together.

"Let's work together to protect these mangroves because the role of the community in protecting these mangroves is vital. Hopefully in the future, with support from PT Timah together with the community in West Kundur, we can have mangrove tourism and can also be used as an educational facility for our next generation," he said. (*)