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Cerucuk Village Government Plans to Manage PT Timah Tbk Reclamation Land, Make it a Tourist Destination

EAST BELITUNG -- The Village Government (Pemdes) of Cerucuk, Tanjungpandan, Belitung Regency plans to manage PT Timah Tbk's reclamation land in Cerucuk Village to become a tourist destination.

This was revealed when the Cerucuk Village Administration together with the Cerucuk Bumdes coordinated the reclamation village of Selinssing Belitung Timur village, Thursday (17/11/2022).

"There is PT Timah Tbk's land in Cerucuk, we want to work on it like the reclamation village in Selinsing," said the village head of Cerucuk, Kusmadi.

Therefore, they coordinated with PT Timah Tbk together with Pemdes, Bumdes, and others. In the future, the people of Cerucuk must also know how the reclamation land will be developed later.

"We plan to work on it later, Bumdes will do it, as previously coordinated," he explained.

According to Kusmadi, they plan to ask for a master plan regarding the plan to use the reclamation land. Then they will invite the community regarding the plan.

"We will invite the community to socialize the reclamation plan in Cerucuk Village," he said.

In addition, he hopes that in the future PT Timah Tbk can work together to work on the reclamation land in Cerucuk Village with the village administration and Bumdes.

"We hope that the reclamation in Cerucuk will be made the same as in Selinsing," he said.

Because he said, the reclamation village could support tourism in Belitung Regency.

"All this time, we know that it is in East Belitung, we hope that it will also be here later, especially in Cerucuk, there is a lot of PT Timah Tbk's land," he said.