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Canting Tin Prevent and Treat Stunting

BANGKA BARAT - Children are national assets that must be considered for their growth and development. For this noble purpose, PT Timah strives to help improve the quality of human resources, especially in the mining operational area.

One of the efforts made by PT Timah is to prepare a quality generation of the nation by preventing and dealing with stunting. PT Timah's CSR in collaboration with the Air Putih Village Government and the West Bangka Health Office held a Village Meeting to Prevent Stunting Home Intervention (CantingTimah) in Air Putih village, Tuesday (2/2/2021).

Stunting is a developmental disorder of children caused by lack of nutritional intake, infection, or inadequate stimulation. The Head of Air Putih Village, Ayun Permana, expressed his appreciation for the Canting Timah activity carried out by PT Timah in Air Putih village. "Thank you to PT Timah for supporting this activity, and the Health Office of West Bangka who was present as a resource for preventing Canting Timah. We hope this activity can provide benefits for Air Putih villagers in preventing stunting," said Ayun.

Similar to the Head of Muntok Sub-district, Sukandi also expressed his appreciation to PT Timah for being concerned about the handling of stunting. "Thanks to PT Timah, through its CSR that has helped, cares about the stunting program, this is one of our common duties, in an effort to prevent it," said Sukandi.

Meanwhile, Head of Public Health at the West Bangka Health Office, Nurmala Anggraini, explained that the stunting rate in this village was the highest in Muntok sub-district, he hoped the program could continue. "Indeed, Air Putih Village has a higher stunting rate than other villages in Muntok sub-district. We hope PT Timah can continue its program to other villages where the stunting rate is also high," said Nurmala.

According to him, similar activities have also been carried out by the West Bangka Health Office. Babar Health Office since 2019 in reducing stunting rates, especially in Air Putih, which was originally 15.27% to 12.3%. "PT Timah's participation helps in budgeting, later the budget can be channeled to other villages," he explained.

The head of the Puskesmas Muntok Harianto added that the occurrence of stunting starts when the mother is pregnant until the age of the child is two years old. He admitted that he was proud of PT Timah's concern to help prevent stunting. He explained that stunting occurs due to failure to thrive due to chronic malnutrition, children are potentially stunted from 0 to 9 months of birth, when gestational age requires adequate nutritional intake. Parents' awareness of the child's growth and development from the fetal phase, birth, to the age of two years and maintain it at a later age.

"We really appreciate PT Timah, salute and proud. This means that PT Timah's concern for the prevention and prevention of stunting in Muntok's work area is extraordinary," he concluded.(**)