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Begalor Box Burger Specialist in East Belitung, Yusman Can Grow His Business After Becoming a Foster Partner of PT Timah Tbk

EAST BELITUNG - Yusman the owner of the 'Begalor Box' business who is a fostered partner of PT Timah Tbk continues to develop his culinary business in East Belitung Regency. Begalor Box has a mainstay menu, namely Burger.

Yusman said that he started the Bagelor Box business which is located on Jalan Gajah Mada Manggar, Manggar District, East Belitung since 2020. He took the initiative to open this business from his desire to eat burgers. But at that time, in East Belitung it was very difficult to find people selling burgers.

Seeing this opportunity, he started a burger selling business with the hope that it would make it easier for people who want to eat burgers, so they no longer have to go outside the Manggar area.

The menu offered by Begalor Box includes special burgers, mozzarella burgers, and other variants such as original beef burger, original chicken burger, menthai, black paper and others.

Apart from that, Yusman also offers other menus such as cilor, sausages, aroma cheese, grilled meatballs and blended drinks, namely grass jelly cappuccino, green bean essence ice, dalgona, jasmine lemon tea and others.

"My goal is that the burger can be enjoyed by all levels of society, both from the lower, middle and upper economy, so I offer burgers at relatively cheap prices. But of course, with good quality and quantity so that they can be affordable by all people," said Yusman.

Yusman explained, the business he has been in since two years ago has been going very well, that is, from the start he opened a burger business, many residents came to buy burgers at his place.

"Until now we have had a lot of customers, now we have found many people who have followed in my footsteps to sell burgers," he explained.

The superior products in "Bagalor Box" are special burgers, mozzarella burgers, and other variants such as original beef burger, original chicken burger, menthai, black paper and others.

"For now we are marketing our products in a local area, namely the East Belitung district," he said.

With increasing customer requests, Yusman wants to expand his business by adding equipment. Therefore, he became PT Timah's Foster Partner to increase capital.

"I received information from the Beltim Manpower Office, I am interested in becoming a partner of PT Timah Tbk," he said.

After becoming a Foster Partner of PT Timah Tbk, he can add various kinds of equipment in his business premises, such as adding gas stoves, roasting stoves, blenders, gas cylinders and others.

"For now, we are also using our own kwh of electricity, which used to be connected from home," he explained.

He hopes that in the future, PT Timah Tbk can also help market its products, as well as improve coaching for business development. In addition, he hopes that PT Timah Tbk together with the Regional Government can facilitate a place to sell for MSME players. The reason is, they are constrained by the location of the sale.

"PT Timah Tbk can help in terms of capital with relatively low interest rates so as to provide convenience for business actors, reward MSMEs that have succeeded in improving their business management," he said.

According to him, after becoming fostered partners of PT Timah Tbk, they are motivated to compete in developing their business and become an example for other MSMEs. (*)