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ANNOUNCEMENT: Changing of PT TIMAH Tbk Logo's

Logo Baru PT Timah Tbk


PT TIMAH Tbk (“Company”) announces the changing of Company’s logo to integrate with Mining Industry Indonesia (MIND ID).

Company’s logo with MIND ID’s configuration has been approved by Board of Commissioners on Letter Number: 113/Tbk/DK. dated 25 Oktober 2019. The changing of Company’s logo is being effective on 29 November 2019.

There is no direct impact in accordance to changing of Company’s logo against operational of Company or financial condition of Company, while indirectly, the changing of logo shows the identity and synergy with MIND ID and Holding’s members.

The similar information has been submitted by Company through Indonesia Stock Exchange’s Website and has been reported to Financial Services Authority (OJK).

Jakarta, 2 December 2019


Corporate Secretary