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Public Education About Drug Abuse, PT Timah Tbk Together with Karang Taruna West Bangka Holds Anti-Drug Seminar

WEST BANGKA -- Prevent drug abuse for the younger generation, PT Timah Tbk in collaboration with the Karang Taruna Bangka Barat held a Seminar and Talkshow IV Anti-Drugs.

The activity in commemorating the 2022 international Anti-narcotics day carries the theme 'Drug Emergency: Prevent and Report' was held at the Majapahit Building Metallurgical Unit Mentok, West Bangka, Tuesday (28/6/2022).

The seminar, which was moderated by the Chairman of the West Bangka Youth Organization, Ari Kurniadi, presented the speakers for the Acting Governor of Bangka Belitung Ridwan Djamaluddin, the Head of the BNN Bangka Belitung Police Brigadier General M.Z Muttaqien, and the Deputy Regent of West Bangka Bong Ming Ming.

This activity was also attended by participants from youth organizations, youth leaders, elements of the village government, PT Timah employees and State Civil Apparatus (ASN) in the West Bangka Regency government.

"This activity was initiated by the Karang Taruna of West Bangka Regency together with PT Timah in the context of the International Anti-Narcotics Day 2022," explained Head of the West Bangka Youth Organization, Ari Kurniadi.

He said this activity was a form of education, as well as advocacy to prevent and eradicate drugs.

"The presence of Karang Taruna friends throughout West Bangka is a form of our commitment to take part in development. By collaborating with the Regional Government and other parties or institutions in preventing and eradicating drug abuse, especially targeting teenagers," he said.

He appreciated PT Timah's contribution to the government's activities and role in drug prevention.

"We appreciate PT Timah for the support of its facilities so that this activity can be held. We also thank the PJ Governor, the Head of BNN Babel, the Deputy Regent, and the Head of Narcotics who represents the West Bangka Police Chief for taking the time to gather with us," he said.

Head of BNN Bangka Belitung Brigadier General M.Z Muttaqien SH. SIK MAP expects youth to play a major role in preventing drugs, according to him, drugs are a common enemy.

"There are several steps taken by the National Narcotics Agency in dealing with drugs, namely prevention, rehabilitation, prosecution, and cooperation.

Drugs are a common enemy. Youth are expected to be pro-active in drug prevention, for example one of these activities. The community has a responsibility to realize Bangka Barat BERSINAR (Clean from Drugs)," said the Head of BNN Bangka Belitung.

Meanwhile, Deputy Regent of West Bangka Bong Ming Ming invited the people of West Bangka to be supporters of drug eradication

"Drugs can destroy the nation. Let the community, especially the younger generation, support the eradication of drugs, distributing drugs is a traitor to the nation. Each of us becomes CCTV monitoring drugs," he said.

"We are all ready to become drug resistance soldiers, make sure our families and villages are drug-free, make Babar district drug-free. What Karang Taruna is doing is right, inviting young people to do positive things to prevent drugs," he said.

Meanwhile, the Governor of Bangka Belitung, Ridwan Djamaluddin, appreciated the youth activities which he considered to be influential in preventing drugs.

'People should not fall into drugs, because of their economic capacity, they can afford to buy drugs. Teachers in schools, church mosques, are expected to play a role. We also give our appreciation to the West Bangka Youth Organization and PT Timah for initiating this activity," he said.