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PT Timah Tbk Succeeds the Musabaqah Tilawatil Quran and Hafidz Event at Manggar District Level in 2022

EAST BELITUNG -- In order to make the Musabaqah Tilawatil Quran and Hafidz (MTQ-H) successful at the Manggar District level in 2022, PT Timah handed over assistance to the Manggar District.

This assistance was symbolically handed over by the Head of the Belitung Production Unit Achmad Haspani to the chairman of the Committee, Wahyuni ??Pratiwi Ningsih, Thursday (23/6/2022).

The types of competitions that are competed in the MTQH are the Quran recitation branch, the Koran recitation branch, the Koran hifz branch, the Quran fahm branch, and the Koran khat branch. In addition, scientific writings of the Qur'an, and branches of the prophet's hadith.

In addition to MTQH, several concurrent agendas were held, namely the UMKM Bazaar, health checks, acoustic music competitions and PKK healthy gymnastics.

The sub-district head of Manggar Abdul Rachim said that the assistance from PT Timah Tbk helped his party in carrying out this activity. Later, this assistance will be used to give prizes to the winners.

"With the current conditions, this form of compensation is an illustration of the collaboration between the government and SOEs that can be harmoniously and mutually synergized to build," he said.

According to Abdul Rahim, this collaboration can build the Qur'anic generation in the MTQ event, so that these roles can collaborate.

"So even SOEs care about the syiar of the Koran in the Manggar sub-district," he explained.

He hopes that in the future the government and its staff, as well as corporations, can synergize so that they can help each other in developing the Manggar sub-district in particular and East Belitung in general.

"With collaboration, the more parties involved, the faster the acceleration of development," he stressed.*