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Preserving the Environment, PT Timah Tbk Has Planted Tens of Thousands of Mangroves

KARIMUN – The mangrove ecosystem is recognized as capable of storing large amounts of carbon and preventing coastal erosion due to seawater scouring. Therefore, mangrove conservation efforts in Indonesia are the main focus of climate change programs.

In line with the Government's program to achieve net zero emissions by 2060, PT Timah Tbk integrated the reclamation program by planting mangroves as an effort to minimize the impact of climate change.

PT Timah Tbk Tbk as a tin mining company consistently supports emission reduction efforts through mangrove planting and other environmental management.

Simultaneously, PT Timah Tbk planted thousands of Mangrove trunks in the company's operational areas on a regular basis. Throughout 2017-2021 PT Timah Tbk through the Kundur Production Unit has planted 38,900 mangrove seedlings of mangrove, prepat and fire types.

Tens of thousands of mangrove seedlings were planted at several points, such as Batu Cat Beach, Gemuruh Village, Teluk Dalam Beach, Kundur Village, Timun Beach, Kundur Beach, Spring Beach, Padang Kundur Beach, and Seikumbang Beach. This mangrove planting program will be continued.

Not only in the Kundur Production Unit, PT Timah Tbk has also planted thousands of mangrove trunks on Bangka Island, including in Pangkalpinang City and in West Bangka Regency.

Not only planting, the development of mangrove planting is also assessed by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. Some time ago the Acting Director of Engineering and Environment of the Ministry of Energy, Mineral Resources and Coal Muhammad Wafid and his team visited PT Timah Tbk's mangrove planting.

He assessed that the mangrove planting carried out by PT Timah was quite successful and could be improved even more because there are several locations where the mangrove growth has not been maximized.

"Globally it has been very good, but there are some things that need to be improved so that they can be maximized," he said.

Mangrove planting activities carried out by PT Timah Tbk also have an economic impact on the community, because the company involves the community in nursery activities, planting, and caring for mangroves.

The Youth Leader of Sawang Dhani Village who is involved in planting mangroves said that his party was directly involved in planting mangroves so that they fostered a sense of care for the environment and economically the community also got income.

In line with Dhani, Aizar, a fisherman from Sawang Laut Village and a member of a mangrove cultivator group, said that the mangrove program carried out by PT Timah Tbk could help the family's economy.

"Every time we plant mangrove seedlings, PT Timah Tbk buys them from our group, so economically it also has an impact on mangrove cultivators," he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Environment Agency of Karimun Rita Regency, said that the sustainable planting of mangroves by PT Timah Tbk will have an impact on protecting the environment in the future.

"Indeed, the benefits cannot be felt immediately now, but ten or twenty years from now our children and grandchildren will feel the impact," he said.*