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A total of 14 PT Timah Tbk Fostered Partners Market their Products at the MSME Bazaar Organized by Telkom Indonesia

PANGKALPINANG -- PT Timah Tbk is aggressively marketing its foster partners' products through various exhibitions at local, national and international levels. This time, PT Timah included 14 of its fostered partners in the MSME Bazaar at the moment of the 57th anniversary of Telkom Indonesia, which was held at Taman Merdeka Pangkalpinang Square, Monday-Wednesday (21-23/6/2022).

The fostered partners of PT Timah Tbk who participated in the MSME bazaar were selling various culinary products, crafts, and accessories.

Through exhibitions like this, it is hoped that they can increase the turnover of MSMEs, as well as promote their products.

One of the fostered partners of PT Timah Tbk, Fany Pratiwi, owner of O'bross collection, said that an exhibition like this could increase their turnover.

According to him, he has been given several opportunities by PT Timah Tbk to participate in exhibitions. This is one way to help them promote their products.

"Exhibitions like this are very necessary because people who come and can see directly. Most of those who come don't just come to one stand. Then this is a place for sellers and buyers to meet," she said.

Fani produces various products such as masks, scarf masks, ethnic groups based on local wisdom, brooches and others.

"We are happy to be included in this exhibition by PT Timah Tbk because usually events like this our turnover can be doubled," she said.

Likewise, another partner of PT Timah Tbk, Darmawati, who owns oven cassava chips, said she was happy to be facilitated to market the product.

"Alhamdulillah, the turnover is quite good with this exhibition. So this can introduce our products to more people. PT Timah Tbk also often helps in marketing our products," she said.

It's the same with Asriyani who said she was happy to get the opportunity to be able to market products at this bazaar.

"I'm very happy, PT Timah Tbk helps its foster partners a lot. This can help market their products and expand their network. We are also given training," she said.