About Us

PT TIMAH Tbk has Mining Business Permits (IUP) for the area of 473.310 hectares onshore and offshore of Bangka, Belitung, and Kundur Island

Tin Mining

PT TIMAH Tbk generally carries out the alluvial tin mining proces, which is conducted through various methods. In onshore mining and offshore mining. Going foward, PT TIMAH Tbk is targeting to mine from primary tin deposits. ONSHORE MINING

Open Mining  

Onshore mining process that uses the gravel pump method. This mining operation is carried out according to Good Mining Practicies.


Borehole mining (BHM)

This minging method is relatively new and becomes an environmentally friendly solution, hich uses a sub-surface hydrolic mining.



Kapal Keruk Bucket Line Dredges

The mining process through dredges in the form of a bowl size from 7 cuft up to 24 cuft and can operate from 15 to 50 meters below sea level with digging capacity more than 3.5 milion cubic meters of material every month.


Kapal Isap Produksi (KIP)

The mining process through excavation which reaches 25 meters below sea level so that can reach the remaining reserves of dredgers.


Bucket Wheel Dredges

The mining process that has the ability to excavate around 70 cubic meters below sea level.