About Us

PT TIMAH Tbk has Mining Business Permits (IUP) for the area of 473.310 hectares onshore and offshore of Bangka, Belitung, and Kundur Island

Timah International Investment PTE. LTD (TINVES)

Timah International Investment Pte. Ltd is a subsidiary of the Company directly owned by the Company which was founded in 2014 which aims to become a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to support business expansion abroad. Timah International Investment Pte. Ltd was registered with No. 201405834W dated March 3, 2014. Tinves activities include :
•     As an investment company that moves internationally.
•     As a holding company for businesses that will be developed by the Company abroad.
•     Conducting other industry according to the Company’s development direction.

TIMAH's Share Ownership is as follows :

Shareholders Number of Shares (/share) Ownership Percentage (%)
PT TIMAH Tbk 4,100 100


The composition of  the Board of  Directors of Timah International Investment Pte. Ltd is as follows :

Name / Nama Occupation/ Jabatan
Sujoko Sumidjan Atmowiarjo Director/ Direktur