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PT TIMAH Tbk has Mining Business Permits (IUP) for the area of 473.310 hectares onshore and offshore of Bangka, Belitung, and Kundur Island

PT Timah Karya Persada Properti (TKPP)

PT Timah Karya Persada Properti (TKPP) is a direct subsidiary owned by the Company aimed at developing non-operational assets in the form of investment property obtained as payment for notes receivable from Bahana for Business Development in Indonesia. PT Timah Karya Persada Properti (TKPP) was established based on Notarial Deed of Andy Alhadis Agus, S.H. No. 1 dated September 3 2015. Currently, TKPP has management rights to land and buildings in several locations, namely:
•     Land rights covering an area of 176.3 ha in Kota Legenda Mustikasari, Bekasi.
•     2,050 m2 of land in Cirendeu, South Tangerang.
•     1,200 m2 of land in Kelapa Dua, Depok.
•     0.7 ha of land in Cirendeu, South Jakarta.

The authorized capital of PT Timah Karya Persada Properti (TKPP) of Rp132,085,000,000 consisted of 132,085 shares with a face value of Rp1,000,000 per share. The composition of issued and fully paid-in capital is as follows:

Shareholders Equity Capital (Rp.) Number of Shares (/Share) Ownership Percentage (%)
PT TIMAH Tbk 131,385,000,000 131,385 99.47
PT Rumah Sakit Bakti Timah 700,000,000 700 0.53


The composition of the Board of Commissioners and Directors of PT Timah Karya Persada Properti (TKPP) is as follows:


Name / Nama Occupation/ Jabatan
Fina Eliani President Commissioner / Komisaris Utama
Didik Riyadi Commissioner / Komisaris
Mochammad Arief Asj'ari President Director/ Direktur Utama
Dwi Hanggono Riadi Director/ Direktur