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PT TIMAH Tbk has Mining Business Permits (IUP) for the area of 473.310 hectares onshore and offshore of Bangka, Belitung, and Kundur Island

PT Tanjung ALam Jaya (TAJ)

PT Tanjung Alam Jaya (TAJ) is an indirect subsidiary owned by the Company which is engaged in coal mining. TAJ conducts mining activities in the Binuang area, Banjar Regency, South Kalimantan based on the Coal Mining Cooperation Agreement (PKP2B) with an area of approximately 9,721 Ha and has an average GAR of 6,200 Kcal / Kg. Besides being directly owned by the Company, TAJ is also  owned by TIM. Currently, TAJ is in the divestment process in connection with the action plans of the group’s management and shareholders based on the results of a more economical analysis in the future. PT Tanjung Alam Jaya (TAJ) was established based on Notarial Deed Hj. Julia Chairani Rachman, S.H., No. 6, dated December 5, 1998.

TIMAH's Share Ownership is as follows:

Shareholders Number of Shares (/shares) Ownership Percentage (%)
PT TIMAH Tbk 9.375 50
PT Timah Investasi Mineral 9.375 50


The Vision and Mission of PT Tanjung Alam Jaya (PT TAJ) namely:
Vision : Being an environmentally friendly coal mining company that can compete in the global market.
Mision :
1. Optimising coal mining activities.
2. Building human resource competencies in coal mining.
3. Maximising company value and contribution to shareholders and social responsibility.

The composition of the Board of Commissioners and Directors of PT Tanjung Alam Jaya (TAJ) is as follows:

Name/ Nama Occupation/ Jabatan
Purwoko President Commisioner / Komisaris Utama
Sujatmiko Commissioner/ Komisaris
Nur Adi Kuncoro President Director/ Direktur Utama
Aim Syafei Director of Finance / Direktur Keuangan