About Us

PT TIMAH Tbk has Mining Business Permits (IUP) for the area of 473.310 hectares onshore and offshore of Bangka, Belitung, and Kundur Island

Indometal (London) Limited

Indometal London Limited is a direct subsidiary owned by the Company which aims to support the Company's strategy to be closer to the London Metal Exchange (LME) market and to become the Company's tin sales agent in Europe and the United States. Indometal London Limited was established based on the Deed of Estavlishment of Company No. 2224189 dated February 20, 1988.

TIMAH's Share Ownership is as follows :

Shareholders Number of Shares (/lembar) Ownership Percentage
PT TIMAH Tbk 4,000 100%


The Vision and Mission of Indometal London Limited are :

Vision : Being one of the trading companies for ore and tin metal products and their derivatives and other basic metal commodities

Mission : Optimizing the value and contribution of sales and trade-in ore and tin metal products and their derivatives and other essential metal commodities for the profitability of the tin group in a professional manner.

The composition of the Board of Directors of Indometal London Limited is as follows :

Occupation/ Jabatan Occupation/ Jabatan
Rolan Rizki Director/ Direktur