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Shopping at Retirement's Shop for Social Activities, That is How PT Timah Tbk Moves the Community Economy

WEST BANGKA -- In the momentum of the month of Ramadan, PT Timah Tbk not only provides social assistance to the community, but also seeks to stimulate the community's economy.

Efforts to move the community's economy, include buying rice from local farmers which will later be handed over to the community. In addition, PT Timah Tbk also implements the 'Shopping at Timah Pensioner's' program.

This program is expected to help improve the community's economy as well as a place to strengthen the friendship between PT Timah and its former employees.

One of the retirees from PT Timah, H. Zulkipli (73), said that the shopping program at this pension stall was very good. Because it can help their business. In addition, they are also involved in corporate social activities because the products they spend will be distributed to the public.

'This program is extraordinary, a manifestation of PT Timah's concern for retirees. We consider it a great concern. So we ask to continue further so that we can be involved," he said.

"Because we know like we are retirees, we have no more income. With this program, Thank God, it is very helpful for us, because it also helps the people around us with the help of basic food packages," he said.

Similarly, Korani said that this program is a form of PT Timah's concern for PT Timah's retirees.

"We, as retirees, now as traders say thank you to PT Timah. We think this program is very good. PT Timah still pays attention to retirees. We feel helped by programs like this," said Korani.

The basic food items purchased from this pension shop will be distributed to communities in operational areas in need.

This program was also appreciated by the Deputy Regent of West Bangka, Bong Ming Ming. He considered that a program like this should be an example for other companies.

"This is the great thing about PT Timah with its program, shopping at the shop is to be donated back to the poor. This is a positive step for PT Timah to mobilize MSMEs in West Bangka Regency," said Bong Ming Ming.

"This step must be imitated by other companies in West Bangka Regency. The West Bangka Regional Government is certainly supportive. This is a form of PT Timah's concern, apart from moving the economy, it also eases the burden on our community," he concluded.*