Sustainability Commitment

PT TIMAH Tbk, as one of the leading SOEs in tin ore mining and processing in Indonesia, is fully committed to supporting the achievement of the Indonesia Government's commitment by designing and implementing comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programs that cover the social, economic, and environmental aspects. The Company implements the CSR programs by prioritizing the fulfillment of the stakeholder's expectations in the three aspects, in line with sustainability principles.

As a reference for all personnel in carrying out business activities by establishing the achievement of sustainability goals as a reference in setting targets, evaluating performance, and preparing the next work plan, the Company has stipulated 6 pillars of PT TIMAH Tbk's sustainable commitment, which is directly related to the effort to achieve the sustainability goals. Such effort is formulated as an explication of the company's vision in the social and environmental sectors, integrated into the balanced achievement of economic and operational targets.

It is expected that the formulation of commitment to conducting sustainability programs in various sectors, including economic, Nature Preservation, Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), Humans Resources, Community, and Governance, can ensure the efficient and effective realization of such programs and support the achievement of sustainability goals in the SDGs.

The six Sustainability Commitment Pillars of PT TIMAH Tbk are as follows:

  1. Ensuring the Economic Benefit from our Operation
  2. Advancing Human Capital Progress
  3. Supporting Social Community Development
  4. Safeguarding the Health & Safety of Our People
  5. Protecting Mother Nature
  6. Upholding Good Governance & Compliance

The Company is fully committed to managing the company referring to the implementation of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Aspects by having compiled a roadmap to improve the quality of environmental program management, and social programs based on improving the quality of governance implementation. Each of the roadmaps for improving the quality of management in each of these aspects consists of various work programs that have been implemented in each reporting year for the last several years, which are then evaluated periodically with specific parameters in each aspect.

The CSR programs implemented by the company to achieve or support the achievement of sustainability objectives vary, but in essence , they refer to the efforts to meet the identified expectations of the stakeholders. Various programs carried out by PT TIMAH Tbk to support the achievement of sustainability goals are explained in the discussion on specific topics, namely :

  • Environmental Management
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Social and Community Responsibility
  • Economic Performance
  • Product Responsibility and Consumer Protection
  • HUman Resources Management
  • Sustainbility Governance