Management of Post Mining and Reclamation

Reclamation is an effort to restore land functions after mining activites in the land. It is the Company’s responsibility to maintain post-mining area sustainable and return to its original states that provide benefits to living creatures.

Reclamation is an activity carried out throughout all stages of mining business in order to organize, restore, and to improve the environment and ecosystem’s quality in order to return its original functions. (Ministrer of ESDM Regulation No. 26 Year 2018). [GRI 103-1]

As a form of commitment toward post-mining management, TIMAH has establihed seven Reclamation Plan documents respectively for Bangka Regency Mining Business Permit, West Bangka Regency Mining Business Permit, Central Bangka Regency Mining Business Permit, South Bangka Regency Mining Business Permit, Belitung Regency Mining Business Permit, East Belitung Regency Mining Business Permit, and Cross-Regency Mining Business Permit.

PT TIMAH Tbk carries out various stages in the reclamation activity, as the following:

  1. Socializing the reclamation plan to the nearby community in order to obtain their support on the reclamation.
  2. Arranging the land that will be reclamated, either for revegetation and other uses.
  3. For reclamation in form of revegetation, the following are the activities: Provision of ready-to-plant seeds, Provision of plantnig media, Determination of spacing ranges, Preparation and filling the planting holes, Planting (main plant or covercrop), and Maintenance.

Table Realization of reclamation until tahun 2020

IUP Area Reclamation Plan Area in 2015-2019 (Ha) Realized Reclamation in 2015-2019 (Ha) Reclamation Plan Area in 2015-2020 (Ha) Realized Reclamation in 2015-2020 (Ha)
Bangka 290 293 425 430
West Bangka 192 208 252 268
Central Bangka 157 159 169 171
South Bangka 121 122 129 130
Belitung 122 127 149 154
East Belitung 314 322 382 390
Inter - Regency 404 405 493 499
TOTAL 1.597 1.636 1.998 2.042


In its offshore mining activities, PT TIMAH Tbk has implemented the Environmental Impact Analysis (AMDAL) before opening the offshore mine. In order to minimize the impact that occurs due to mining activities. We ensure that our offshore mining activities are not carried out in an area with that are inhabited by coral reefs and away from the tourism territory. [GRI 103-1, GRI 103-2]

As a form of commitment towards post-mining management, PT TIMAH Tbk has established seven Marine Reclamation Plan documents for each areas: [GRI 103-2]

  • Bangka Offshore (Five Documents): Bangka Regency, Wes Bangka Regency, Central Bangka Regency, South Bangka Regency, Cross Regency
  • Karimun Kundur Offshore (Two Documents): Kundur Island and Karimun Island

Table the offshore reclamation activities in Bangka, Karimun and Kundur

IUP Area Offshore Rehabilitation Plan in 2015-2019 (Ha) Realization of Offshore Rehabilitation in 2015-2019 (Ha) Offshore Rehabilitation Plan in 2015-2020 (Ha) Realization of Offshore Rehabilitation in 2015-2020 (Ha)
Fish Shelter (unit) 770 710 985 915
Coral Transplantation (unit) 485 465 475 475