Human Rights

The Company is committed to paying great attention to the fulfilment of human rights, both those relating to the Company’s employees and other stakeholders. The realisation of human rights in the Company is also intended to attract the interest of prospective workers with the best talents to join PT TIMAH Tbk to achieve common goals. In running its business, PT TIMAH Tbk guarantees that the human rights of all its employees are highly respected.

The scope of corporate social responsibility related to human rights is related to human resources that starts from the Collective Labor Agreement (PKB), which protects the interests of workers and the Company in terms of employment. The scope includes  the recognition and guarantees for trade unions, discrimination treatment or actions, the right of granting work time, the right of employee leave, the right to practice worship and others.

The Company aims always to apply the principles of human rights to create a harmonious and peaceful industrial work relationship so that it can spur the productivity and performance of PT TIMAH  Tbk. Besides, social responsibility activities related to human rights are expected to have a positive impact on the Company, which in turn can affect improving employee welfare.

By implementing human rights in its business activities, PT TIMAH Tbk can improve harmony among employees. The implementation of human rights in the Company also creates a safe and comfortable work environment and a conducive situation in the field. A conducive work environment can increase employee productivity so that the Company and employees can achieve common goals. The implementation of human rights in the Company has also provided the Company with some good achievement such as the award of the Best Human Capital for Mining category of the Public Company in the 2019 Indonesia Human Capital Award held by the Economic Review. In addition, PT TIMAH Tbk was also included in the 10 Companies with the Best Human Rights Performance at the Id BHR Award held by the international Human Rights Reporting Standards (FIHRRST).