In the production process, the Company always pays attention to the quality of the products produced to achieve customer satisfaction. This process is based on the Company’s awareness that customers are stakeholders who play an essential role in business sustainability. As part of controlling product quality on customers, the Company implements an integrated quality management system that is the result of a series of production process activities that are following international standards carried out in each production and distribution activity.

PT TIMAH Tbk guarantees the quality of pure tin metal products, weight, and shape through Certificate of Analysis (COA) issued by internal laboratories as a guarantee of quality from smelters and COAs issued by independent surveyors who are exchange instruments as a guarantee of compliance with applicable regulations of Minister of Trade (Permendag).

PT TIMAH Tbk has established a work plan to guarantee product quality in the Company’s efforts to increase customer satisfaction. The Company implements a quality management system throughout its business process chain. The quality management is outlined in Operational Standards and Procedures so that it can be applied consistently to maintain product quality. Furthermore, the Company continues to develop this quality management system so that it can answer the needs and dynamics of the market. The Company’s Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2008 is accredited by the SGS Management Certification Agency and is periodically audited and  recertified to remain under international standards.