Governance and Risk Management Committee

The Governance and Risk Management Committee was formed to assist the Board of Commissioners in carrying out its duties, among other things, to ensure the effectiveness of the implementation of Production Operation Governance, Marketing and Business Development, K3LH, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the Partnership and Community Development Program and Post-Mining Program. In addition, it also helps the Board of Commissioners to ensure that the principles of Good Governance (GCG) and the Whistle Blowing System (WBS) are properly implemented in the Company.

The establishment of the Governance and Risk Management Committee based on the Decree of the Board of Commissioners Number  06/Tbk/Kep/DK- dated December 27, 2021 with the following members :

No. Name / Nama Occupation/ Jabatan
2 DANNY PRADITYA Member/ Anggota
3 WAWAN GUNAWAN Member/ Anggota
4 SUHENDRO W SENTANU Member/ Anggota